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4170 W MLK Blvd. Suite 2
Fayetteville, AR, 72704
United States



Welcome to Hello Cocoa!  Where adventure meets the ordinary in delicious, bean-to-bar chocolate.

In the name of taste and travel,
Hello Cocoa crafts
bean-to-bar chocolate
to evoke experiences and flavors
of places all around the world

for the sake of sharing adventure,
cultivating community
and creating delicious chocolate.


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Grab onto a single-origin bar,
and let the bean-to-bar craft be your guide. 

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Uganda 57%

A bar for the dark chocolate novice and an introduction to the bean-to-bar craft, this Uganda bar carries notes of honey and coffee.  This bean is the classic and most commonly found species of cacao, Forastero.

Dominican Republic 70%

Trinitario: a blend of the most abundant Forastero species and delicate, flavorful Criollo species; this bean is fruity with notes of plum and blackberry, balanced by hints of earthy chicory.  A bar for the dark chocolate lover.

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Venezuela 74%

Our darkest bar is smooth and approachable, featuring notes of bright fruit and citrus, and is crafted from the rare and delicate species of cacao, Criollo.  A bar for the dark chocolate connoisseur.


grab a Seasonal or Collaboration bar
for a Flavorful dark chocolate treat.

Spring fever

Our 57% Uganda chocolate infused with basil olive oil and dried apricots.  A unique blend of flavors to awaken your palette to Spring. 

Mocha - dark chocolate with milk and espresso


Our Dominican Republic beans at 52% dark chocolate with milk, and local coffee makers Mama Carmen's Black Apple espresso.  Where milk chocolate meets sophistication, it's a bar for coffee lovers.

Hello Cocoa Factory:
4170 W. MLK Blvd Suite 2 in Fayetteville

- Across MLK from the Fayettechill Smokehouse -

SUMMER HOURS: Thursday + Friday, 10 AM - 2 PM